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Finally! An update!

Jul 6, 2011 • 8 comments.

Herp derp… It has been almost a year since I last added anything. I’ve been kind of busy with school and other online projects.

But this time, I actually have something to add! A new layout has finally been added! Featuring the wonderful Ray and Charles of Eureka Seven. I’m on a Ray/Charles kick lately. I’ve also been on an electronica music kick as well. (I’d recommend Pendulum, Electric Six, and Royksopp~ They’re all really different, so out of the three, you’re probably sure to find one that catches your fancy. That, and I’ve been playing them on repeat for the past month.)

I also took some time to go through my linkage page. I removed old links and added some new sites that I’ve recently discovered. You should go give them a click or two, because they’re all pretty amazing. :) I don’t do link exchanges, because that’s too much effort to keep track of (yes, I’m that lazy…) but I do take suggestions. So feel free to recommend me some cool sites to check out~ if it catches my fancy, I might just add it to the list (… once I get off my lazy butt.)

(And for some reason, FanUpdate really hates me… T_T)


Kidori • Jul 7, 2011

Ooh I like the layout. I love simplicity in layouts the best! I always go over the top in mine so I guess that’s probably why haha.

I’ve watched only up to episode 50(ish) of Eureka 7. It used to be on late at night so I had to record it on my VCR (talk about old!). Then I got lazy and forgot to record it. Still, I used to love that show.

Well, I’m so happy you’ve updated! Trust me, I have inspiration while laying in bed at 3AM—you’re not alone! :D

Mei Zhu • Jul 7, 2011

Thanks! :D I think I’ve forgotten how to go over the top, haha…

And I think there are only 50 episodes to Eureka Seven :P

Kidori • Jul 7, 2011

Hahaha whoops I meant “40(ish)!” :P

Mei Zhu • Jul 8, 2011

It’s all free on Crunchyroll~ You should finish it :)

I stopped half way through and had to take a break from it, though. Because somewhere in the middle, it started royally pissing me off and I ended up raging or crying over every episode for a while, haha.

But it got better again :3

Rezina • Jul 26, 2011

Thanks xD Simplicity ftw~

I was meaning to leave a comment, but I guess I didn’t? Haha, I like the premade layout. It has a very eighties feel to it.

Rae • Sep 22, 2011

Thanks Mei Zhu! :)

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